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FM Perfumes

The EGI FM Group has a comprehensive range of FM perfumes, fragrances, skin care, body care, hair care and spa products, as well as FM Cosmetics, FM For Home products and NOW FM Aurile coffee.
In 2004 FM Group launched an exclusive range of FM Group Federico Mahora fragrances and complementary products.

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FM Cosmetics

Based on the simple idea of high quality fragrances and cosmetics at affordable prices (for example, 30ml Ladies' Classic Perfume just £11.99) FM Group has attracted thousands of men and women to the business who wish to earn money by showing the FM perfumes, cosmetics, skin care and home products to family, friends, colleagues.

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FM Home

FM Group also offers you the opportunity to develop your own team of distributors if you wish and receive an additional income from the sales they make both locally and around the world! It is a business that you can run part-time or full-time from the comfort of your own home with the friendly support of an internationally successful company.

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